About Me

Fardeen Sheikh is from Stockholm, Sweden. He has been travelling around the world since a very young age, having lived in Riyadh, Dubai, Atlanta and London. 

Fardeen began his career in communications when he moved to Atlanta and managed his high school literary magazine Epiphany as its Editor-in-Chief and led the broadcast team in producing videos and graphics for various events.

Since then, he has worked in the newsroom at Avant-Y News, where he started as an editorial intern and eventually progressed to become a multimedia journalist. 

He was also the Brand Manager for Spark, a magazine aimed at giving a platform to and showcasing the talents of artists with disabilities.

He studied at City, University of London and finished his Journalism B.A. (Hons.) program in July 2023. 

Throughout his travels and upbringing, he has always had an interest in talking to people, learning from their life experiences and exploring new cultures.

This interest has grown over time into a passion for trying to understand international news, social issues and an, as well as simplifying and explaining these topics to a wider audience.